KooFex 110000 RPM Brushless Motor Fast Dry Hair Dryer Professional Bldc Hair Dryer

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  • Voltage: 220V
  • Heating wire power: 1500W
  • Motor RPM: 98000/min
  • Motor wire: 110mm
  • Heating wire power:: 1500W
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    Basic Product Info

    Constant temperature function: the temperature reaches the gear value, and the power is automatically reduced. For the specific gear value, please refer to the hot air state and cold air state below.

    Voltage: 220V

    The heating wire should not turn red when the hot air is at its maximum speed

    With negative ion function: start during work, not start when standby

    Hot air status: 3rd gear 120°C, 2nd gear 100°C, 1st gear 85°C (unlimited power)

    Cold air status: 3rd gear 130W, 2nd gear 100W, 1st gear 90W

    Heating wire power: 1500W

    Motor RPM: 98000/min

    Motor wire: 110mm

    Add sensor interface, with temperature control function

    Pass the EMC test

    Heating wire power: 1500W

    Add power-off memory function

    Air outlet blocked

    Motor with brake function

    Motor power must not exceed 135W

    Ordinary box size: 34*16.5*9.3cm

    Gift box size: 32*28.2*9.8cm

    Specific Information

    [Brushless Motor & Quick Dry] The hair dryer is equipped with a self-developed brushless high-speed motor, which can rotate at 98,000 rpm. Aerospace-grade metal blades create a constant airflow that greatly increases airflow to 40m/s at the outlet. No heat is required, and it dries quickly in 3 to 10 minutes.
    【Negative Ion Hair Care】Integrated negative ion generator releases up to 20 million negative ions at high flow rate. Helps to eliminate static and smooth frizz, tighten cuticles and leave hair soft and shiny.
    【Easy to use】 2-speed airflow and 3-speed temperature control, the cold air button supports both hot and cold circulation mode and continuous cold air mode, giving you more experience options. Guess-free automatic memory function allows the hairdryer to learn more about your usage habits.
    【Intelligent NTC temperature control technology】Integrated microprocessor and temperature sensor, high-frequency monitoring of air outlet temperature 50 times per second. Microprocessor precisely controls temperature to maintain hair's natural moisture balance, reducing breakage and split ends.
    【Suitable for All Hairstyles】With 360° Magnetic Styling Nozzle and Diffuser. ALCI safety plug (leakage protection and overheat protection), escort you and your family safely.


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